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In the Medical area, THz can be used for high resolution imaging and detection including cancer detection, wound inspection through bandages and even non-invasive wrinkle smoothing.

  • Nonionizing imaging of cancerous tumors
  • Ablation of tumors
  • Advanced generation mammography system
  • Immediate and non/less invasive detection of tissue abnormalities (eliminating the need for biopsies)
  • Unambiguous identification of pathogens
  • Cosmetic and aesthetic applications, wrinkle removal
  • Wound healing, reduction of post-surgical scarring
  • Rapid chemical analysis of human exhale for biological marker analysis (e.g. diabetes, gastric ulcers, acid reflux)
  • Non-contact quantification of skin injuries and burns
  • Accurate imaging and analysis of plaque accumulation in coronary arteries
  • Bone density analysis
  • Detection of biological markers of transplant rejection
  • Early detection of Alzheimer's
  • Pharmaceutical formulation
  • DNA - proteomics and genomics
  • Dental Imaging



In the Security area, THz can be used to detect concealed weapons, hazardous chemicals and explosives.

Other areas of interest:

  • Airport screening
  • Military/battlefield
  • Drug enforcement
  • Mail screening
  • Food supply
  • HVAC monitoring
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Mass transit

Terahertz Shoe Scanner

For example, under Teraphysics funding, Teraview recently and successfully demonstrated that THz can be used to scan shoes to detect hidden items and explosive substances.

THz Images of Objects Buried in Shoe



Another facet for the adoption of terahertz technology will occur within the telecommunications industry. This frequency band represents an untapped region of the electromagnetic spectrum for the development of secure, short-range (~50 ft.) communications.

The ability to access additional high bandwidth for short range in a cost effective manner will introduce two new catalysts to the communications investment process:

  • Bandwidth increases proportionally with frequency. The introduction of terahertz technology to communications represents a quantum leap forward in the amount of data that can be transferred wirelessly.
  • Access to the terahertz frequency represents penetration into a commercially unexploited portion of the electromagnetic spectrum available for wireless transmission. This penetration would not negatively impact the previously installed fiber based networks.

The following includes some examples of the most compelling terahertz-enabled communications opportunities:

  • Provide an alternative for data delivery to venues;
  • Establish high secure bandwidth communications to the battlefield
  • Terahertz’s point-to-point short range signals make it difficult for adversaries to intercept transmissions and atmospheric attenuation naturally prohibits propagation to distant listening posts.
  • High altitude and safe communications (aircraft to satellite);
  • High rates of secure data transfer (in excess of 100 times faster per second when compared to currently available DSL or broadband cable);
  • Secure transmissions by offering an impenetrable security to safeguard data;
  • Wireless indoor connections for home entertainment, with systems capable of transmitting massive amounts of data to multiple locations simultaneously
  • Extension of the unallocated frequency bands currently available.



Taking advantage of terahertz's unique spectral properties and non-destructive nature, terahertz light can be integrated as a next-generation sensor to provide another tool for automation and quality control.

Examples include:

  • Next generation semiconductor packaging fault analysis and high volume in-line manufacturing implementation
  • Industrial/Automotive paint thickness, drying time optimization;
  • Art authentication through paint characteristics databases;
  • Industrial quality control - improve quality assurance methods for materials, e.g., composites for next generation aircraft outer skins, foam defect analysis, et al.
  • Solar cell inspection – reducing losses related to suboptimal or faulty cells before panel insertion;
  • Loss prevention – detect potential theft of small, high value objects.

The Spectrum

Over 400 years, many technologies have been created based on the commercial exploitation of the electromagnetic spectrum.

From radio to MRI, discoveries made to effectively harness untapped bands have led to inventions that are central to our daily life.

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A New Platform

See through clothing, bandages, and packaging materials? Data speeds at 1Tb/sec?

The properties of THz light enable beakthrough technologies.

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Endless Possibilities

Discover where THz light will be used across many industries, and why new innovations are limited only by our imagination.

The Terahertz Gap

This scientifically rich band of frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum has been virtually devoid of commercial activity due to the difficulty in generating sufficient power.

Typical Terahertz sources are too large, and smaller sources too weak to have any commercial use.

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Teraphysics Corporation develops powerful, efficient and compact devices that operate in millimeter frequencies and the sub-millimeter terahertz band, the only commercially untapped portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum.


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