The Wave

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The Final Frontier

The THz Gap

Mankind has harnessed and commercially exploited the entire EMF spectrum with the exception of one region. Examples of this commercialization include radar, microwave ovens, radios, cell phones, wireless communications, x-rays, and lasers. The last unexplored region lies between microwave and infrared light and is commonly called the Terahertz Gap.

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The Terahertz Promise Delivered


Teraphysics' family of high powered terahertz sources and amplifiers will enable the most significant technology advancements of our time. The family of devices will be:

  • World's first and only commercially viable hand held T-Ray source.
  • 600 times smaller, and 1000 times more power than any tunable source regardless of size.
  • Built using patented nano-diamond fabrication process


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The Spectrum

Over 400 years, many technologies have been created based on the commercial exploitation of the electromagnetic spectrum.

From radio to MRI, discoveries made to effectively harness untapped bands have led to inventions that are central to our daily life.

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A New Platform

See through clothing, bandages, and packaging materials? Data speeds at 1Tb/sec?

The properties of THz light enable beakthrough technologies.

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Endless Possibilities

Discover where THz light will be used across many industries, and why new innovations are limited only by our imagination.

The Terahertz Gap

This scientifically rich band of frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum has been virtually devoid of commercial activity due to the difficulty in generating sufficient power.

Typical Terahertz sources are too large, and smaller sources too weak to have any commercial use.

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Teraphysics Corporation develops powerful, efficient and compact devices that operate in millimeter frequencies and the sub-millimeter terahertz band, the only commercially untapped portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum.


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